Stratej Human Resources Services is set out to provide benefits to companies and individuals. We offer you a special experience in recruitment, selection and placement, human resources processes and consultancy services.


If you need the best candidate that will help you to achieve your goals, or if you need to make strategic decisions for your company-specific recruitment and employment solutions, you are in the right place.























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Last week one of our employee has passed "Linkedin Certified Professional Recruiter" exam and awarded with its license. In this respect, we have also given us the title of being the first company in Turkey with this title. I am thankful to all our friends and colleagues who congratulated us after this success that we announced from social platforms. 













Founded in 2011, Stratej Human Resources has started as a boutique firm that later grew to become a very successfull recruitment & HR consultancy company.


Our firm understands the intrinsic structure of business and refers to real world knowledge to resolve your recruitment issues.













Under any circumstances, no benefits can be provided or no fees can be charged from jobseekers.

Stratej Human Resources has the license number 514, issued on 25.02.2012 and is a private employment agency under the supervision of the ISKUR.

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“I admit was very envious when I saw successful people. Today I am proud to have the honour of headhunting them not after they became successful but before they become successful.”